When you or a loved one needs to find new housing or care, the possibilities can be daunting. While you can conduct all of your own research and make all of your own phone calls, it can be exhausting and time-consuming.

That’s where senior placement agencies provide a free service. Senior placement agencies work with seniors and their families to determine what level of care is required and what facilities are available. Not all the elderly have family members nearby to assist them with this work, which is why senior placement services are beneficial.

How Do Senior Placement Agencies in Denver Work?

A specialist will meet with you and your family to examine your situation before you are moved to live in a new environment. He or she will take into account the following information:

  • Medical conditions and requirements
  • financial status
  • location
  • Needs related to religion or culture

The specialists will have an informed sense of what type of living situation is suitable for your loved one based on all four pieces of information. Once everyone has agreed on what type of facility is ideal and where there is availability, the placement specialists will arrange for a tour so you may see the facility and ask questions. You will visit several communities in order to compare and decide which one is ideal for you.

Once you’ve made your decision, the placement specialist will work with you to determine benefits should you have long-term care insurance. This will give you a better idea of whether you can afford a particular location. This procedure may take some time, but be patient and understand that the placement specialist is working hard to locate the best and most economical living situation available.

After you’ve made your decision, the senior placement agency’s coordinator can provide you with referrals to plan your move. The agency recognizes that this is a significant emotional and physical undertaking. That’s why it’s critical to have someone on your side with whom you feel at ease and with whom you can place your trust.

Even after you’ve moved in, the coordinator will almost certainly contact you during the transition to ensure that there are no issues. The placement specialist wants to ensure that you have made the appropriate selection and are at ease.

How Senior Placement Agencies Support Seniors and their Families

Senior placement agencies make the move to senior living simple and comfortable. They recognize that this isn’t just about change for an individual; it’s also about a family’s journey. They collaborate with the entire family to identify the ideal match.

There are numerous advantages to employing Placement Agencies for Seniors, including:

  • Providing Local Support:

Meeting and interviewing families to gain a thorough understanding of their healthcare, social preferences, location preferences, and financial situation in order to narrow down and deliver the finest treatment options for the maximum possible quality of life.

  • Provide Resources:

Community amenities, pricing information, occupancy rates, payment resources, relocating and downsizing, veterans benefits, and elder law attorneys

  • Saving Time:

Organizing tours and accompanying families on tours to advocate and answer their inquiries.

  • Advocating for Family and Loved Ones:

Every step of the journey, by being the liaison, counseling, and advocating for the family and residents, assists in the process of what is a very tough decision.

  • Follow-Up Care:

Once the ideal placement has been identified, check-in on a regular basis to confirm that everything is working smoothly.

Harmony Senior Referrals is a locally owned and operated Placement Agency. Our service is FREE (as long as we are the first contact to a community) to you. On-line companies will send you a list and let you figure it all out yourself but we “hold your hand” through the entire process to find the “right fit”. Please call us at 303-667-2420.